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MXFInsight is a professional-grade visual tool for thorough analysis of MXF files, developed by Reactor9. Designed to drill-down into depths of the MXF format quickly and easily, it is a valuable tool for anyone working with MXF files.

  • Partition Pane (Logical/Physical View)
  • Property Pane
  • Index Pane
  • Essence Pane
  • HEX Editor Pane
  • Search Pane (advanced search engine)
  • Easy Navigation: Hyperlinks, Bookmarks
  • Custom notes for every element (node)
  • Custom bookmarks
  • Customizable interface (dockable windows, custom colors, customizable lists /column arrangement etc./)
  • Save/Load all settings (bookmarks, custom notes...) as a project

Download a demo version to try it yourself!

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[Main pane view]


A typical layout where the left pane displays  partition (meta)data in a logical (structured) view. All node information is at your disposal: offset from the start of file, node name, key (UID)/value, data type, size, description.

Below is the HEX editor which is fully synchronized with all other panes and always shows data belonging to the currently selected node.

Property pane on the left shows all the properties of the currently selected node.

[Essence pane view]


When the "Essence" node is selected, content element(s) data is displayed in the Essence pane.



[Index pane view]


When the "Index Table Segment" node is selected, index data is displayed in the Index pane.



["Referenced by" view]


Hyperlinks simplify data navigation to the extreme. Where nodes reference other data, links appear. Just click the link to jump to the referenced node. Furthermore, the "Referenced by" list in the Properties pane shows all the nodes that point to (reference) the currently selected node.