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What are R9MPEG Libraries?

R9 MPEG Libraries are a set of programming components for creating MPEG-1 and MPEG-2 audio and video applications (encoders, transcoders, multiplexers...).
They include video and audio encoder and multiplexer.

What is the performance (speed) of R9 MPEG Libraries?

State of the art algorithms are used in all R9 MPEG Libraries, which - in combination with assembly language optimizations - results in very fast performance.

I'm not too familiar with MPEG standards. Will I be able to use R9MPEG Libraries?

R9 MPEG Libraries are very straightforward to use. For example, only 5 simple API functions are needed to control video encoder. On the other hand, your applications may use DirectShow filters which are included as samples to all Reactor9 SDK Libraries.

What are the benefits of using R9MPEG Libraries?

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What are the System Requirements for R9MPEG Libraries?

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Can R9 MPEG Libraries be ported to other systems?

R9 MPEG Libraries are written in C and x86 (Intel) assembly language. Main target are Windows platforms and Microsoft Visual C compiler, however, there are no platform-specific features in the core components. In few cases, the implementation of these features does make use of Windows-specific functions and primitives, as you might expect. But on the whole, R9 MPEG Libraries should be easy adaptable to other platforms and compilers.

Are There any Royalty or Runtime Fees Involved In Using Your Products?

After your purchase, no additional fees are required. You can freely distribute your application using our libraries without any additional costs.

Of course, that does not exclude the due license fee to MPEG patent holders (more info at MPEG Industry Forum or MPEG LA ).

Are there any specific limitations for using R9 MPEG Libraries?

Only one! You may not use R9 MPEG Libraries to develop your own SDK or extend an existing SDK with it.

What about technical support?

We provides users with various means of support to ensure that they can always get the help they need. Just visit R9 website at and you will be able to
find many means of support including:
- Knowledge Base
- Samples
- Suggestions
- Bug Reports
- Feature Requests
(Please note that some forms of support mentioned above are not yet implemented,
but will be in the near future.)

If you are still unable to find the answers to your questions, please feel free to
contact us by sending an e-mail to

Also, please make sure to check all of our online resources before contacting us
so that we may provide better service to all users.