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Reactor9 SDK components have been created for developers and engineers working on video/audio MPEG compression applications (encoders, transcoders, multiplexers, ...).

All libraries conform to MPEG1 and MPEG2  ISO standards. They are all optimized for speed (critical parts are written in assembly language) and available in two versions: as a Win32 static library (.lib) or in a full source code (C, x86 assembly language) version. Read more...

Multithreaded version coming soon!

MXF Tools

Reactor9 is introducing the first of its MXF tools - MXFInsight, a professional-grade visual tool for thorough analysis of the MXF files. From metadata, essence and indexes to the very last byte of your MXF file!

Designed to drill-down into depths of the MXF format quickly and easily, it is a valuable tool for anyone working with MXF files. Read more.