Create professional, high-quality multimedia applications!

Reactor9 SDK is a set of libraries made for developers and engineers working on MPEG-1/MPEG-2 video/audio compression applications. Reactor9 Encoder SDK consists of three individual components:

R9 MPEG1/2 Video Encoder SDK
R9 MPEG I/II Audio Encoder SDK
R9 MPEG Multiplexer SDK

Static library or full source code

R9 Libraries are delivered in two versions - LIB and FS:

Library typeDelivered asDescription
LIBstatic library Core components (encoders, multiplexer) are supplied as win32 static libraries snf all samples (DirectShow filters) are delivered in full source.
FSfull source codeCore components (encoders, multiplexer) and samples (DirectShow filters) are supplied in full source code.

100% ISO standard compliant

All core components are strictly constraint to ISO MPEG standards (ISO/IEC 11172, ISO/IEC 13818). If you are developing MPEG components or just learning the logic behind the MPEG (and getting lost in the abundant confusion of information), Reactor9 Libraries will clarify it for you. Extensive knowledge of multimedia technologies enables us to offer you a high quality product to implement into your project.

Optimized for high-performance

State-of-the-art algorithms are used in Reactor9 core components. Written in C (DirectShow samples in C++) with computational critical parts further optimized in assembly language assures high performance.

Written from ground up

All library components are written from ground up in a very clear manner. Code is well documented with extensive commentary. See code sample.

Reactor9 MPEG2 SDK Libraries will save you months of work!

Are you facing a decision whether to spend months of engineering hours to study MPEG standards, write and debug MPEG code, or get ahead and finish the project on schedule? If you are a developer involved in a MPEG audio/video project, Reactor9 Libraries will save you precious months of work.

Easy to use

R9 MPEG2 SDK Libraries have been designed with intent to be easy to use, general enough to meet the requirements of a large array of MPEG applications, and extensible enough to allow application-specific requirements to be incorporated with as minimal effort as possible. This design philosophy has led to a set of independent components (audio encoder, video encoder and multiplexer) that export a simple public interface (API functions).

Expert Support

Registered users get 12 months of free upgrades and expert support to make an efficient use of the SDK components.

Excellent price/quality ratio

All R9 Library components can be purchased in two versions: as static library (LIB) or with full source code (FS).

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