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R9 MPEG Layer I/II Audio Encoder Features

Input Formats 16-bit PCM
Output Format MPEG-1 elementary audio stream (Layer I, II)
Channels Mono
Sampling frequency 32 kHz
44.1 kHz
48 kHz
96 Khz (only LPCM)
Bitrates MPEG1 Layer-I: 128 to 448 kbps
MPEG Layer-II: 32 to 384 kbps
Library type Statiic library (.lib) - LIB version
Full source code - FS version
Programming Language C, Assembly language
Documentation Comments in code
Additional documentation
Native Platform Visual Studio .NET 2003, .NET 2005
Code can be easily translated to other compilers and systems (Linux, Unix, Mac, Embeded...)
Additional sample applications
(with full source code)
R9 MPEG Audio Encoder DirectShow Filter
R9 Audio Processor DirectShow Filter
Free support & Upgrades 1 Year, option to extend support period after expiration