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R9 MPEG Video Encoder accepts only YUV 4:2:0 format on the input. It has no picture resizing or color space conversion capability. To assure correct input picture size and format, R9 Video Processor Filter should precede R9 MPEG Video Encoder. More...

R9 Video Processor implements the following functionalities:

  • picture resizer
  • color space converter
  • picture vertical and horizontal flipper
  • frame rate adapter

All transformations are assembly-language optimized for peak performance.

NOTE: R9 Video Processor functionality is implemented in a R9VP.dll, which is called by DirectShow filter ( All transformations use routines from (commercial) Intel IPP Library 5.1. If you need to re-build or change video processor dll, you need to provide your own copy of Intel IPP library (with its all include files and static libs).

However, if you don't need to re-build the processor dll, IPP library is not needed. You can use our pre-build R9VP.dll, which can be also be distributed with your application (in this case, you don't need a separate IPP licence).